Paula A. Nahmias, CEO

Paula Nahmias opened the Arnold Meyer Group in 2011 and is the sole member. She has been a broker and investor for over 25 years. She has purchased 75 commercial buildings as well as numerous residential properties. She and her highly experienced management team have proven to be excellent operators.  Year after year the team has continued to maintain both a high occupancy rate and a collection percentage rate into the 90 plus percentile.


The Arnold Meyer Commercial Real Estate firm has properties that cover all four sides of Indianapolis, and have holdings in Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Florida, They have a myriad of Fortune 500 companies and strong local and regional clients.


Our strategy has been to move away from the type of real estate that the internet now competes with. Arnold Meyer Group rents to many service oriented clients


That strategy has paid off in a big way, and Arnold Meyer’s story is a good one to tell. In 2011, they began with residential real estate. They soon built their inventory, and sold their residential holdings to a European conglomerate, and for a considerable profit. The profits from that sale were the beginning of a campaign to purchase commercial buildings that have garnered very strong results.



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Eric Gorlechen, President

Eric Gorlechen is the President of Arnold Meyer Management. In his role as President of the firm, Eric oversees the day-to-day operations required for the management of one of the leading privately held commercial real estate firms in the Midwest. Eric also oversees and manages the evaluation, underwriting, and acquisition of all opportunities for the firm.


During his early career, Eric served as an originator and analyst at a leading NY-based real estate finance firm. In his capacities, Eric has been involved in the acquisition, development, and financing of over $500 million in transaction volume.



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Audrey Chambers, Director of Property Management

Audrey Chambers has been with Arnold Meyer Commercial Real Estate since 2016. Starting her career in the accounting department of Arnold Meyer Management, she was promoted multiple times, ultimately to her current role as Director of Property Management. Audrey specializes in the stabilization of under performing real estate assets.


In her capacity as Director of Property Management, she is responsible for implementing the firm’s stabilization plans for each acquisition. She currently manages over 1,000,000 square feet of property. Audrey grew up in Indianapolis, IN., but travels back and forth to the Arnold Meyer office in Boca Raton, Florida. In her free time, she loves cooking and spending time with her family.



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Max Profeta, Leasing Manager

Max Profeta has been an integral component in the Arnold Meyer Commercial Real Estate property leasing division. As their Leasing Agent, Max Profeta has already secured the leases for nearly 100,000 square feet in his first 24 months of joining Arnold Meyer. He has a special affinity and expertise for smaller, independent Mom and Pop operations. He also has significant time in renewing and securing national tenants for Arnold Meyer’s flagship properties. 


Max is a former collegiate golfer, and was active in the music industry in NYC. He worked as Production Assistant with artists such as Billy Joel, Phish and Drake. He worked in venues such as Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center.


As a cancer survivor, Max has been active in charities that support Leukemia and Lymphoma research as well as raising awareness of the need for blood donations in his community.



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Cedric Finley, Operations Manager

Cedric joined the Arnold Meyer Management team in 2017 as Operations Manager. In doing so, Cedric also brought his extensive expertise in real estate management, mortgage banking and customer service. As Operations Manager, he oversees tenant relations, tenant improvements, maintenance expenditures, accounts receivables, vendor relations, construction, and development.


Cedric also has extensive background in music publishing, intellectual property, marketing, and advertising. He is an avid outdoorsman, a lover of “man’s best friend”.



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Phil Cohn, Chief Operating Officer

Phil has purchased over 500 properties and owned well over two million square feet of real estate. He is a co-founder of Arnold Meyer Commercial Real Estate and has been involved with virtually every aspect of the industry. Phil has developed and acquired over $100M in Real Estate Assets. He prides himself in being a confidant and mentor to dozens of aspiring real estate and business professionals.


Phil is an avid tennis and pickleball player and recently ranked in the world top 100 on the senior professional pickleball tour. Phil also currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the geographically largest Jewish Federation in America. He is a board member of Etz Chaim Synagogue, and Camp Ben Frankel.



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Farrah Brown, Controller

Farrah Brown has over 10 years of professional experience in finance and accounting. She joined Arnold Meyer as bookkeeper in 2022.


Farrah has an extensive history working in the mortgage industry, providing real estate wholesaling to investors, and partnering with title companies to officiate closings. That experience has made her an asset to the acquisitions side of Arnold Meyer, too.


She holds a bachelors degree in Business Management and Administration from Indiana Institute of Technology. Farrah loves to spend time with her family. In her free time you will find her relaxing at home, watching Marvel and DC movies with her son.



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Maya Wilhite, Office Manager

Maya Wilhite has been with Arnold Meyer since 2021. In her dual role as Office Manager and Administrative Assistant, she has been a crucial part of keeping the office organized and ever-evolving. Before closing any commercial property, all due diligence starts with her, and coordinates communication between departments. As we continue to grow, she plays a strong role in tenant receivables and acquisitions.


Maya previously served as a compassionate Registered Behavioral Technician for children with Autism, which helps her bring strong compassion and dedication to our tenants and team. In her free time, she enjoys music and kickboxing.



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Jayden Hakunti,

Jayden has a degree from the highly respected Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University. As such, he was initially brought on as a licensed and full time pilot for the company. It quickly became clear to the company that Jayden’s skillset extended well beyond the clear blue sky. When Jayden is not piloting to different Arnold Meyer properties, he utilizes his real estate license to assist with showings, as well as lend stronger support to marketing various company assets.



He has a commercial driver’s license, and extensive lending experience as a licensed mortgage broker. Being bilingual and fluent in Spanish, Jayden is also a great asset in helping us to better serve our growing Hispanic customer base.



Mark Wallman, Project Manager

Mark is our Project Manager. He oversees the new construction of both development deals, and major repairs.  He has over 35 years of multi state and international real estate experience, and prior to that, was a professional race car driver.


His passion for both the race car industry and the field of real estate make him an ideal transfer to the home of the Indy 500, and our real estate office. Mark is a husband and a father of three, and spent many years active in The Hillel organization and The Jewish Federation of Southern Illinois.